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Tobias Fünke Acting Reel and Website Is Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed Of

Posted on May 15, 2013 by

New York and London may be enjoying their frozen bananas but the world gets to enjoy Tobias Fünke’s acting reel.

This YouTube video is everything we’ve ever dreamed of as Arrested Development returns to us via the magic of Netflix (it’s not like they needed a way to suck people in the first place but yay, Netflix for giving the people what they want!). While it would be better if Toronto got a Frozen Banana Stand to call their own, this is so perfect that I want to cry. Director Ron Howard also seems to be impressed as he tweeted about it:

You too can insert Tobia Fünke anywhere you want thanks to this accompanying website, http://insertmeanywhere.biz/. First created to capture the imagination and attention of the world’s famous directors, the site gives filmmakers and those aspiring to be filmmakers the opportunity to use the talents of Tobias Fünke however they please. Have you ever dreamed of Tobias Fünke exploring North Korea with a magical unicorn by his side? You can make that into reality! What about him shooting out of a cannon in any James Cameron movie? If it is written, it can be done.

Thank you, gods of Netflix, for this glorious gift. I can die a little happier now.

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