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The 10 Best Moments of New Girl’s Winston Bishop

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I have gone over a few times in past posts about how I think Winston is the most underrated character and under-utilized actor on the New Girl cast. Whether you agree or disagree (Schmidt does put up an excellent fight for audience favourite, for sure), it’s undeniable that Lamorne Morris is a comedic genius. His timing is impeccable, his tone is always spot on and his delivery is perfect. The New Girl writers are making it super hard for me to pick just one of the guys to marry and settle down with and live happily ever after, let me tell you that much.

This week, My Personal Top 10 Winston Bishop Moments (season 1 and 2):

1. Rant “It is Saturday”

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This is my all-time favourite Winston moment. Sure, others have come and gone that could be argued are better suited to top this list, but this was the moment that I realized that I loved Winston Bishop.

Winston just started a new job, forcing him to work strange hours. That same Saturday that he’s trying to catch up on his sleep, Nick gets caught two-timing a few girls, Jess finds out that the guys have fantasized about her, Cece has some weird, sort of quarter-life crisis and Schmidt is outed for sleeping with Cece. Shenanigans. Winston wakes up to enter the living room and break up the chaos and goes on this little tangent. It’s really the first time we get to see Winston do something really, really funny that makes him stand out from the rest of the cast;and yes, everything about it is perfect:

“Okay now Saturday, is a day for sleeping. And damn it! You will NOT take that away from me! Who am I? WHO AM I? Well I am Theodore K. Mullins. And Nick is my lover on the downlow. Tell her Nick. Tell her how it really goes down in apartment 4D! Oh great Negro spiritual, please come down and loosen these chains on this woman! Flesh on flesh. When the lights are off, we are all the same. Dear Lord, HELP ME, Father! Get out of my house. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!”

“Now go away. Because I’M having cereal.”

2. Winston singing “Defying Gravity” and other songs from the musical Wicked

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Really, any clip of Winston singing anything­ is spectacular. You will see this again down the list. But arguably one of the best New Girl moments thus far as a whole (yeah, I’ll go there) is when Winston is driving to see Shelby and starts singing songs from the musical Wicked at the top of his lungs on the drive to Mexico, unaware that Cece and Schmidt are in the trunk, hiding.

3. Breaking down at Nick’s dad’s funeral

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I know Winston was close to Nick and his family but this moment… I CAN’T EVEN.

4. “I’ve got thick thighs and a fat ass!”

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Winston first began to shine on his own late in the first season as the gang get stuck in the desert because Nick threw away the keys to the moving van in a panicked frenzy.

5. Winston and his fruity drinks “Look at me, being so NAUGHTY!

At a celebration for Schmidt (after he-er heals up down there) at Nick’s bar, Winston gets a little wild with some fruity drinks like any good person who has tastebuds should.

6. Winston singing “Groove is in the Heart”

Winston Bishop Groove Is In the Heart

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Another singing moment (told you) as a direct result of said fruity drinks

7. “Just my penis, baby, just my penis.”

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A.k.a, The story of how Winston lost his virginity to a prostitute. Also- it’s a glimpse of him as a 15/16/17-year-old, complete with afro. How could you go wrong?

8. “I got my own damn cake and ya’ll can’t have NONE!” 

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Winston’s birthday. Everyone forgot. He expects a surprise party that never happens and pouts about it. In a homage to the Thriller/Eddie Murphy in Raw jumpsuits. Fantastic.

9. Winston’s awkward moments with girlfriends/women in general.

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“Baby, look, I don’t want space, okay? I don’t want anyone to have space. I want to be standing right in front of you. I want the air that you breathe to be the air coming directly from out of my mouth. I want to be just passing air back and forth between each other until it’s mostly carbon dioxide and then we both pass out and die.” Winston to Shelby.

10. “Be Gone Honky!”

Winston Bishop

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Jess lies to Sam and says she’s with Winston during season two’s christmas special. Winston, being the good guy he is, tries to help Sam out by undoing Jess’ lie in a the most dramatic fashion is everything I could ever want in a fake break up.

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