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Selena Gomez is InStyle & more June Magazine Covers

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I seriously don’t know the relationship status between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. I thought they were back together but I just can’t assume these things anymore. Last month Selena’s on/off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber landed a double cover of Teen Vogue, and now it’s her turn to grace the newsstands with her cover of InStyle.

But Selena’s won’t be the only face you see on the magazine shelves, here are June’s other cover stars:

Demi Lovato

Selena’s former BFF gets on the magazine action too as she cover’s the June issue of Company.

Miley Cyrus

However, when it comes to former Disney child actresses none can compare to Miley Cyrus. She is this month’s cover megastar! Not only did she land a double cover for Elle UK but she also got three covers for V Magazine. It’s safe to say that we’ve all moved on from Cyrus’ Hannah Montana days as she is a bona fide high fashion darling.

Nicki Minaj

Rapper Nicki Minaj follows the Biebs as she’s this month’s Teen Vogue cover girl. The cover showcases Minaj’s crazy style as she looks like she’s about to crash a prom.

Cara Delevingne

Brit supermodel Cara Delevingne is runner-up for June’s magazine cover megastar. She lands three different Vogue cover (Vogue China, Miss Vogue UK, and Vogue Portugal) which is quite an accomplishment for a young model. Definitely expect to see more Cara on your newsstand in the future!

Kate Upton

While Cara lands 3 Vogue covers, it’s American model Kate Upton’s American¬†Vogue cover that is getting all the buzz. Upton is not a high fashion model and is more known for appearing in men’s magazines like Sports Illustrated and GQ. Upton, however, is getting the haute couture makeover and hopefully she can transition into high fashion, which would give her a huge presence in the modelling industry.

James Franco

Speaking of men’s magazines, here is funny/crazy actor James Franco on the cover of GQ‘s comedy issue.

Kate Moss

Kate Upton isn’t the only Kate on a Vogue cover this month. Across the pond, Kate Moss covers this month’s Vogue UK. The fact that supermodel Kate Moss is still consistently landing magazine covers is a testament to how beyond-the-world she is. Models can’t touch her!

Sofia Vergara

Proving age is nothing but a number, here is the beautiful Sofia Vergara on the cover of sexy mag Cosmopolitan at the age of 40. Yes you read that right. 40!

Christy Turlington

At 44, legendary supermodel Christy Turlington graces Harper’s Bazaar and proves she can give new models a run for their money. She’s still got it!

Brad Pitt

And at 49, Brad Pitt can still win sexiest man alive. Here he is on the cover of Vanity Fair.


Don’t you love how Pink can still rock the pink hair after more than a decade in the music game? Pink shows us what’s up on the cover of Glamour.

Carrie Underwood

Country darling Carrie Underwood lands this month’s Marie Claire. Doesn’t it look like Carrie and Pink are going on a roadtrip together? Red cars show up in both their covers.

Kerry Washington

There’s nothing scandolous about Kerry Washington on this month’s Elle. Here she is in 50 shades of grey and showing some leg on the cover!

Carey Mulligan

And continuing this month’s Carrie/Kerry/Carey trend, Brit actress Carey Mulligan is still riding high on the big Great Gatsby wave. Here she is on the covers of Harper’s Bazaar UK and Flaunt.

Zoe Saldana

‘The Great Gatsby’ isn’t the only big summer blockbuster this year, ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ gives fashion mags a good reason to have Zoe Saldana grace their covers. The Star Trek star snags the cover of Allure and InStyle UK.

Pretty Little Liars: Shay Mitchell & Lucy Hale

Stars of major summer blockbusters tend to nab the cover of magazines during the summer months, but as we all know T.V. shows can be a huge summer draw too. Summer shows like Pretty Little Liars are changing the way Hollywood is thinking about the summer months. So you might find more television actresses on your newsstands during these warmer months. Shay Mitchell lands herself on a cover of Self, while her co-star Lucy Hale gets the cover of Seventeen.

Mickey Mouse

It’s no coincidence that I led this list with 3 former Disney starlets, as coincidentally Mickey Mouse has landed 3 covers himself this month. Marc Jacobs’ Mickey Mouse top is proving to be this month’s must-have item. Here is the mouse on actress Greta Gerwig in Flare, model Camille Rowe-Pourcheresse in ELLE Japan, and model Sam Rollinson in i-D.

Which magazine cover was your favourite? Who do you want to see on the cover of a magazine? Let us know!

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