Another CNN Fail: Anchors Look Like They’re in Different Locations But Are in the Same Parking Lot

Posted on May 8, 2013 by
CNN Fail

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CNN, what is going on over there? After the Boston Bombing fiasco where you prematurely told the world that the authorities caught the perps that did it when they didn’t, we all thought you would at least smarten up a little. I know you’re under all sorts of stress after having to cut your investigative reporting staff, but I think you could’ve saved some money if your anchors stopped pretending they were in different locations. Did Nancy Grace really have to stand a couple feet away as you tried to deliver the details of the Cleveland recovery of the three kidnapped women? We can see the cars passing behind you.

Stop trolling us, CNN. Stop spending money on unnecessary gadgets (holograms, anyone?) and hire more reliable reporters. Or, if you would rather think that your audience is made up of idiots, at least have the decency to turn around so we don’t notice the passing cars. Your “journalism” is insulting.

GIFs of CNN’s Fail after the jump:

CNN Fail

CNN Fail

CNN Fail

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