We Need This Now: Hamburger Gift Wrap

Posted on May 6, 2013 by

Hamburger Gift Shows How Much You Like A Person
How many times have you been a victim of a gift that is essentially a box inside of a box inside of a box, and you have to open 10 boxes until you find your present?

This is a much better alternative. Gifts inside boxes which appear as a hamburger. This would take a whole lot of gifts if each box has one gift. Depending on your taste, there might be even more boxes than shown in the picture if you want a burger with more cheese, tomatoes, or added bacon, onions, or mushrooms. The more fixings, the more boxes, the more presents.

This idea is really cool because it really goes to show how much you like a person. A lot of presents are needed to make a full burger. Shame on you if you only deliver a patty.

How willing would you be to go full burger?

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