Paranoid Parents Trying To Catch Babysitter Have Run In With Paranormal Activity

Posted on May 6, 2013 by

If this was a short film it would be titled Paranormal 1V: The Adventures in Babysitting. 

This is what happens when parents suffer from serious paranoia, and having too much time on their hands. This just looks like the poor babysitter tried carrying sheets and ended up appearing as a clumsy ghost instead.

I’m not sure who to feel worse for – the parents who think they have had contact with the paranormal, or the babysitter who probably has a huge bruise on their forehead right now. I wonder if the parents are planning on selling the rights to this “footage” to the producers of the Paranormal Activity¬†instalment. Now that would be the only Paranormal Activity I would willingly watch – just for giggles obviously.

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