Episode Recap: Glee Starts Prepping For Regionals In ‘Sweet Dreams’

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By Kelly O’Brien

Finn starts college and Rachel auditions for Funny Girl as the New Directions try to recover from the shooting.

Here’s what you missed on last night’s episode, “Sweet Dreams”:

Post Traumatic Stress

Regionals are right around the corner, but the glee kids are still struggling in the aftermath of the shooting at McKinley. Sam invents a twin, Tina rocks the latest punk fashions, and Unique takes birth control pills.  Glee club is usually a place where they can sort out their problems, but Will was fed up and snapped at the kids during rehearsals.  It’s understandable that everyone was lost, but they needed their teacher to help get them through! Get it together, Will!


Episode Recap: Glee Starts Prepping For Regionals In 'Sweet Dreams'


In the dictionary of Rachel Berry, the word “dream” has a picture of Fanny Bryce beside it, and she landed an audition for the part.  She struggles at first with her song choice, but after some awesome advice from Finn and guidance from Shelby (she’s back as a “broadway daycare” teacher), Rachel nailed it with a rendition of the song that started it all: “Don’t Stop Believing.” Now if she would just get back together with Finn, then my dreams could come true too.

Marley’s New Material

Episode Recap: Glee starts prepping for regionals in 'Sweet Dreams'


After the shooting Marley was eager to share her original material with the Glee club, but Will was stuck on his set list and wanted nothing to do with her suggestions. After overhearing Blaine, Unique and Sam join her on one of the songs, he has a change of heart. I could not be happier that original music is back! “Loser Like Me” is still in my 25 Most Played on iTunes.

The New Sue

Episode Recap: Glee starts prepping for regionals in 'Sweet Dreams'


Sue is out and Roz Washington is in, and she’s suspicious over Sue’s choice of Cheerio co-captains Becky and Blaine. In a bizarre meeting she asked the two what really happened with Sue and the shooting. Blaine noticed that Becky was acting veerryy strange and confronted her about what she knows. Becky can’t stay silent forever, but I’m scared to see what happens when her secret gets out.


Episode Recap: Glee starts prepping for regionals in 'Sweet Dreams'


Finn was enjoying the topless girls and frat parties at college with his new roomie Puck – who, as you probably guessed is not enrolled in school – but after it starts affecting his grades, he had to snap back to reality. Mr. Schue offers an apology which Finn accepts, and rejoins him as co-director of the glee club for college credit. Great for the kids, and a great way to get my weekly dose of Finn.

Best Performance:

Episode Recap: Glee starts prepping for regionals in 'Sweet Dreams'


It’s a tie between the two songs that showed us what throwback Thursday is really about: “Don’t Stop Believing” and Marley’s original song “Outcast.” Ryan Murphy, you are KILLING IT.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLT0WLOrebo]


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