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Man Caught Sniffing Jack Nicholson At Basketball Game

Posted on April 18, 2013 by
Man Caught smelling Jack Nicholson on camera

Man Caught smelling Jack Nicholson on camera

Jack Nicholson is unabashedly a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan. He’s more or less been courtside at every game, and with his celebrity status, it pretty much guarantees him a little bit of jumbotron screen time. Though during Nicholson’s last routine celeb shot, a man sitting behind the legendary actor was caught every so subtly smelling the star on camera.

Don’t lie: at some point in our lives, we all wonder what stars smell like, because for the amount of money they pull in every year, they better smell like a fresh field of flowers (or cash, but that doesn’t sound as nice). So yeah, I have to give it up to the mystery sniffer for satisfying his curiosity as he now knows what Jack Nicholson smells like. I hope the sniffer posts a vivid description online on what he was thinking that day and yes, what cologne he thinks the actor used that day.

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