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Comedian Patton Oswalt Adlibs 8 Minute Star Wars Ep. VIII Spiel for Parks and Recreation

Posted on April 18, 2013 by
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While guest starring on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, comedian Patton Oswalt ad-libbed an 8-minute spiel on what he thinks should happen in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII. Oswalt only ends after he gets a little dry mouthed.

Oswalt plays disgruntled Pawnee citizen who hopes to filibuster a vote by wasting the councils time. The whole feat is amazing and I would totally watch this movie (just write a little bit more Leia into the plot line please).

I also don’t know how any of the cast members or the extras were able to hold it all in. While I’d like to chalk it up to professionalism, I also would like to think they just had no idea what he was talking about and it was all genuine reaction.


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