WATCH NOW: The Honest Trailer for The Whole Harry Potter Film Series

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Harry Poter Honest Trailer

YouTube channel screenjunkies spent 20 hours of their lives watching all eight Harry Potter movies to create the Harry Potter honest trailer.

As a Harry Potter fan myself, it’s pretty hilarious and hits a lot of great points. Obviously I have to address some, so watch the video above then click the READ MORE button to see my thoughts on the whole thing.

1. WHY DO THEY HATE RON? RON IS AWESOME! HIS FACE IS NOT STUPID! (Side note: I got a high five from Rupert Grint. It was awesome.)

2. Hogwarts does offer math as a class. Students can opt to take it when they become third years. Also, their version of science is more or less potions class.

3. They called Cedric Diggory (a.k.a. Rob Pattinson a.k.a. Edward Cullen) shovel face. Heh. That reminds me of someone my friends used to call “shovel face.” That person wasn’t very nice to begin with.

4. Warwick Davis is a badass.

5. So is Dame Maggie Smith.

6. Chamber of Secrets is also my least favourite movie.

7. You can still lose a game of Quidditch even though you’ve caught the snitch. That’s how Bulgaria lost in the World Cup in The Goblet of Fire.

8. It’s funny they called Hagrid Hordor from Game of Thrones because Hordor is thought to have some giant blood in him.

9. You can’t use technology in Hogwarts. There’s a spell that causes all forms of technology to malfunction when used near Hogwarts to help deter muggles.

10. Okay, fine. I’m letting the Ginger Spice comment go but Ron is still a badass in his own right. WEASLEY IS OUR KING!

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4 Responses to “WATCH NOW: The Honest Trailer for The Whole Harry Potter Film Series”

  1. Lieaann says:

    Hardly laugh audibly at anything however, when I heard “this rat on Ron’s crotch is actually a grown man” I lost it.

  2. NerdAlert says:

    Actually there isn’t a spell that deters muggles by messing up technology. The technology can’t function around the high levels of magic at Hogwarts.

  3. MrSnatchmaster69 says:

    Actually NerdAlert is wrong! Though this condition is mentioned early in the series, later the concept is expounded to include all of Hogwarts as well other “ancient places of importance” You should remember this as it is a plot point and it is clearly stated…get like me

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