The Nice (And Tasty) Way to Quit Your Job

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The Nice and Tasty Way to Resign

The Nice and Tasty Way to Resign

Chris Holmes chose to go the nicest and tastiest way to resign from his job at Stansted Airport in the United Kingdom. Holmes wrote his letter of resignation on a cake for his colleagues to munch on. Going the delicious cake route was only fitting as he turns his attention towards his family and his growing cake business.

According to the Herts and Essex Observer, his superiors wish him well in all his future endeavours.

When most people quit, their letters of resignation lack the creativity or sincerity of Holmes. Actually, my favourite kinds of resignation letters to read about are the ones where the resigned basically drop the mic in print as they air out all their grievances. There’s nothing better than reading about someone quitting a truly terrible job.

But this is nice, too!

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