This Man is Obsessed with Mermaids

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This Man is Obsessed with Mermaids

This Man is Obsessed with Mermaids

On an episode of  TLC’s My Crazy Obsession, Eric Ducharme introduces the world to his obsession with mermaids. He doesn’t simply collect mermaid figurines, he becomes one. Ducharme has a large collection of tails that he uses to transform himself into a merman. Though he already is a certified scuba instructor, he typically free dives with his tail on and can go about 4 minutes underwater before having to surface for air!

This is one My Crazy Obsession that I don’t think is very crazy at all. Well, it’s not on the “I married the Eiffel Tower” level of crazy. I’m not going to lie, my 8-year-old self would be fangirling over Ducharme’s tail collection. I, too, was obsessed with mermaids (blame Disney) and even pretended I was one as I dolphin-kicked across the pool. Thanks to my vivid imagination, I learning how to do the butterfly stroke came pretty naturally. So four for you, Eric Ducharme! You live your merman life to the fullest!

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