9 Animated Movies that Need Sequels

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With the sequels of Monsters Inc., Despicable Me, and Finding Nemo coming our way, it’s feels like all of our dreams are coming true.

Putting Toy Story and Shrek aside, great animated films often don’t get this treatment — or in the case of Finding Dory and Monsters University, it gets the treatment almost a decade later.

There have been great animated movies out there that have sequel potential. Didn’t you ever wanted to know what comes after the happily ever after? Or what happens after the protagonist saved the day? I personally want to know more about Princess and the Frog’s Ray and his belle, Evangeline.

Realistically, good sequels have been proven to be profitable and they would no doubt answer the prayers of so many young adults who have waited years and years for sequels of their favourite animated films as children … or as young adults.

Here are 9 Animated Movies that Deserve Sequels Below 

1) Princess and the Frog

This movie has potential for a sequel because the writers wrote a great villain for the first, so I’m sure they can develop another creepy villain who has a bone to pick with Tiana or Prince Naveen. That, or a sequel about Ray and Evangeline. Plus, get Randy Newman back on board and you have a confirmed best selling soundtrack.

2) Brave

Brave might not have a plot line that could be stretched but with a character as developed as Merida, put this fiery red head in any awkward situation and it would make a great sequel.

3) Wreck It Ralph 

Have Ralph team up with an iconic video game character like Link, Mario, or Donkey Kong, and give them a quest to embark on, and you have a perfect sequel for this film.

4) Wall-E

This film made a serious social impact and was probably the first animated film to touch upon human habit and what might become of us and our earth in the future. A sequel can surely be made in response to environmental and health issues discovered this year.

5) The Incredibles

All these live action superhero moves are getting prequels and sequels, but this animated super-hero film has gotten zip, zero, nada. This family of superheros needs to return to the screen with a new villain to face. Not to mention, this film left off with a cliffhanger – the baby of the family discovered he had powers and a new villain was adressed.

6) Meet The Robinsons

If you know anything about time travel, you know that plot lines are always surplus. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go watch Doctor Who or any Back To The Future movies. Surely Disney’s writers could write a sequel to this with someone from the future going back in time to fix a mistake, or someone needing to go into the future to avoid an impending disaster. It may not be an original idea, but it would be entertaining.

7) The Aristocats  

Taking place years later, these privileged cats could be coaxed into having to foil another mission to get their owners inheritance  This would work because it has been so long since anyone has seen this movie, that everyone would want to see this. It has been forever since a disney movie with pets who refuse to let a villain mess with their owner.

8) Ratatouille

It’s time that we see Ratatouille’s life as a chef and whose restaurant is going under and he now has to save it.

9) Up

There should be sequel for  Up and it should be called Down. Instead of travelling through sky, they should have an underground adventure. Of course, this will all be because Russell needs his last scouts badge.

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