7 Important Things Ryan Murphy Told Us About Glee’s Upcoming Final Episodes

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There are only five Glee episodes left, and they seem to be an eventful five episodes. A lot seems to be happening nearing the end of Glee’s fourth season, and we know that because creator Ryan Murphy told us himself.

In a quick question and answer session on Twitter, Murphy teased a lot of what fans can expect to see happen on the show. But WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!

Murphy has done a lot of Q&A’s on twitter. He has yet to tease without pleasing, so all this brand new information is exciting. Looks like the final episodes of Glee are going to be a whirlwind of relationships, self discovery (Rachel has an upcoming audition for Funny Girl), and good music. Yep, Glee is doing what it does best – another tribute episode, and a tribute to someone definitely worth paying homage to.

Murphy has given us a little bit of insight on the future of Santana, old graduates, Klaine, and an upcoming wedding. I am a bundle of feelings right now.

Here are the 7 important things Ryan Murphy revealed

1) Santana has a hot new love interest 

2) Santana has an important self discovery plot line coming up 

3) Hope for Klaine in the future?

4) Scratch that…is Klaine getting married? I’m sorry, WHAT? (Ryan tweeted in a Q&A earlier this year Kurt will be married by the time he is 21) 

5) Return of Mike Chang – maybe he will help Tina regain sanity?

6) Oh, and a Stevie Wonder tribute episode 

7) Important Mercedes story line 

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