“Andy’s Coming!” Myth Debunked

Posted on March 27, 2013 by

"Andy's Coming" Myth Debunked

With a land as magical as Disney World and Disneyland, some urban legends are sure to follow.

The most recent Disneyland urban legend to take yet another round on the Internet is the myth that if you yell “Andy’s coming” in front of Toy Story characters at Disney, they’ll automatically drop to the floor just like in the movies. While this is a great movie-to-real-life ploy, the actors no longer do this.

According to one Disney World guide in this video, Jesse and Woody used to drop to the floor but the parks have since changed their policy, so now the most that they do is freeze in place. We’re assuming Disney axed this policy because having their characters drop to the floor was scaring off the kids. Yeah, we could imagine:

Kid: Hey, Woody! You’re my hero! I love you so much! Can you sign this please?

Random stranger: ANDY’S COMING! (Woody drops to the ground)

Kid: Mommy, I think I killed Woody! *Cries*


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