The Carrie Diaries Recap: 10 Things you Missed on “Identity Crisis”

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On this week’s Identity Crisis ” episode of the Carrie Diaries, Carrie takes on a different identity as she pretends to be Larissa in order to pick up an important package.

Mouse takes on the personal identity of an authority figure as she tries to spearhead the basketball team.Meanwhile, Maggie spends the episode trying to get a fake I.D. Walt struggles with his own personal identity as he is becoming increasingly aware that he is not who he thought he was. Even Carrie’s dad struggles with his identity as he attends yoga in attempt to become at peace with himself and relieve himself of his tensions.

There’s a whole lot of self-discovery that happens as the gang learns that sometimes you need to accept change especially and also learn how to change because no one is better at being you, than yourself. The Carrie Diaries: an afternoon special featuring sexual innuendos as per usual.

Maggie wants a fake I.D.

The legal drinking age went up to 21, and now Maggie needs a new fake I.D. Luckily for her, Sebastian gives her a hand and by the end of the episode, Maggie has her shiny new card. I feel like this card will get Maggie into trouble sooner or later.

 Carrie needs to deliver a package

It’s spring break and Carrie is going to be at Interview all week. She is striving to impress Larissa in hopes that she will be hired for a paid job for the summer. Carrie embarks on a crazy journey as she tries to deliver a package to pop artist Andy Warhol himself.

 Sebastian and his mom

Sebastian’s mom is back. Now, not only is she back, but she’s showing up at Sebastian’s high school to unload her burdens on him, and vent about her fighting and love making with his father. Um, ew. Awkward. By the end of the episode, after a heart to heart with Maggie, Sebastian realizes that his parents are better off divorced. They’re a toxic pair and whose relationship is starting to negatively affect Sebastian’s life. Sebastian bravely tells his mom his feelings and she finally realizes that he’s her son, not her therapist whom she can unburden her feelings on. It’s nice to see Sebastian stick up for himself in an assertive way.

Mouse and her master plan for the basketball team

Mouse is now the manager of the basketball team and she has a pass to prove it. Unfortunately, the members of the team are uninspired and can’t seem to work together. She purposely pushes the members too far, causing them to collectively hate her, and fire her. Mouse’s plan works out as under a new banner of mutual hate for her, the team comes finally comes together to play much better. Mouse explains this plan to Thomas West, who is impressed with her scheming and tells her that he’ll miss her. Can these two please just get together already? I’m dying over here.

Carrie pretends to be Larissa

Carrie has to pretend to be Larissa in order to pick up an important, but her change in identity results in an awkward meeting with the girlfriend of the man Larissa is currently sleeping with. Carrie almost gets killed by the guys psycho ex-girlfriend, but makes it out alive all while in a thousand dollar outfit. Did I mention the company she is picking up the package from wants to bribe “Larissa” into featuring an article about their new line by giving her some swag? This is what heaven must look like.

Carrie’s dad and the gum chewer

Carrie’s father has a lot of stress in his life, so he takes up yoga to let loose a little bit. He ends up sitting beside a very attractive but loud gum chewer. After he apologizes for screaming at her about her chewing in front of the yoga class, he ends up in a make out session with her in his car. Mr. Bradshaw sure gets around. When will he daughters find out he’s been dating? I’m impatiently waiting for their reactions. Oh, and Sebastian and Maggie witnessed the car hanky panky. Awkward.

Maggie’s infinity scarf

I’ll say it once, and I’ll say it again, were infinity scarfs in style in the 80’s? While I sometimes question the authenticity of the wardrobe on this show, I do wish I had most items in my closet. This scarf is really unique and combines knit and floral. I’d buy it.

Maggie’s block sweaters

Not sure how these colours work together, but they just do. Maggie’s closet is just full of comfy sweaters, and I’m jealous.

Walt and Bennett

This is my favourite story line because it’s the only one that has lasted more than one episode. Walt and his progression to acceptance plummeted when Bennett kissed him, but then take a turn for the better after he came clean to Donna about his confusion regarding his sexuality. In this episode, Walt goes to the city to have lunch with Carrie, but ends up having lunch with Bennett instead. When Bennett gets caught up with talking to another guy, Walt gets unsurprisingly jealous. Of course, Walt doesn’t understand what those feelings really mean. Does he like Bennett? Is that a bad thing?

Walt opens up to Carrie

This is the moment I have been waiting for: the moment when Walt has a heart to heart with Carrie about who he is. Carrie catches on that Walt isn’t pleased after Bennett’s attention is averted, and starts asking questions. Walt and Carrie discuss his maybe-kind of- definite crush on Bennett, and Carrie reassures Walt that he has nothing to be ashamed of. She tells him that she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with being gay. Being gay can’t be bad if that’s what Walt is, because Walt is an amazing person. I like that thought process. This was a really sweet part of the episode, and I am so excited to see how Walt’s relationship grows with both Bennet and Carrie after this episode.

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