Japanese Man Shows Hidden Tambourine Talents

Posted on March 26, 2013 by

Remember how in high school the tambourine was the most jokes instrument because, well, who can’t play the tambourine?

You shake it up and down, side to side, and it jingles. If you wanna get creative, you hit the pad inside the rings if your tambourine is more evolved.

What I didn’t realize is that tambourine playing is an art. My years playing percussion in high school never brought me to this point with the tambourine (that’s because the snare drum was a lot cooler).

Some people clearly take tambourine playing quite seriously, and this man is one of those people. In this video a man shows us how real musicians play the tambourine. I’m not sure whether to be mystified, or fearful.

The youtube viewers also seem to have some words about this artistry.

You keep dancing, tambourine man.

Tambourine Man


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