Park in the Wrong Spot, Be Put on Disney Studio’s Asshole List

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Apparently, Disney’s slogan “The Happiest Place on Earth” doesn’t extend to its Studio parking lot.

Writer Alan Sereboff posted this note on his Tumblr yesterday claiming that it was placed on a “friend of a friend’s car at Disney Studios.” The friend has repeatedly parked in a reserved spot and needless to say, the owner of said spot is a little pissed off about it.

Not only has the writer of the said letter threatened to cover the car in egg salad and Walt’s famous chili so it “dries into a substance so hard all the windows will have to be replaced,” he also threatened to include the offending driver on his list of “The Greatest Assholes of Human History.” Hitler, Dahmer, Genghis Khan, Bush (not clear if he meant W. or H.W.), Tina Fey, Pol Pot,  Zach Braff and Jack the Ripper.

HOLD. UP. Why is Tina Fey on this list? What did she do to even be called an asshole? Judging from her New York Times best seller Bossypants, she may be the greatest person alive.

Anyways, the lesson to be learned here is don’t piss off a Disney employee, for as happy as they’re supposed to be, they apparently have a dark side to them.

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  1. northierthanthou.com says:

    Lol, is this a Palin fan or something?

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