35 Reasons to Love Tyler Oakley

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Video Bloggers (vloggers) are more popular now than they have ever been. Millions of viewers tune in for their favourite vloggers’ weekly videos and even make pilgrim-like treks to see them at events like Playlistlive.

People relate to vloggers because they are people like us with similar interests and who fangirl just as hard as we do. We basically fangirl over vloggers for being bigger fangirls than we are. We freak out when they make collaboration videos with other vloggers who we love, and we jump for joy when they acknowledge a witty comment.

My personal favourite vlogger is Tyler Oakley. He’s constantly peppy, sassy, and fangirling – oh, and he loves One Direction and Darren Criss. Tyler has even collaborated with Jack and Finn Harries, so I’m not sure how much fabulous fit into one room. He is also friends with John Green. Yes. That John Green. You know you are fabulous when fabulous people surround you.

He hosted the red carpet live stream for Trevor Live TWICE, and that has brought us some great footage of him interviewing stars and experience conniption-like symptoms as he hugs Darren Criss.

He also has had a few interactions with Chris Colfer that would make any fangirl scream. He touched the butt.

If you are not a Gleek or Directioner, there are plenty other reasons to love Tyler. Tyler doesn’t take hate and doesn’t waste time trying to make everyone love him. He is who he is and has no apologies for that. Most people (including myself) love him for always being hilarious and crude; however, his presence as an advocate goes unnoticed.

Tyler is a magician with social media and has made a career out of appealing to audiences via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and YouTube. He uses his power for good and not evil, as he uses his strong hold on social media to advocate for organizations that work towards LGBT rights and hotlines like The Trevor Project.

Personally, I admire Tyler for his ability to work social media and for his work for important projects. He has an incredible way of getting a lot of people together to work towards a common goal.

Tyler is funny, profane, and his weekly youtube videos on Friday (and spontaneous ones during the week) will make you laugh out loud.

If all that is not enough to make you love Tyler Oakley, here are 31 MORE reasons to love him:

1) That time shirtless Darren Criss made him lose his ability to “even”


2) All those times he did not stand for peoples sass


3) Those moments when he ships himself with other people


4) That time he twerked


5) That time he derped better than anyone else

6) That time he fangirled over One Direction (and that other time, and the time after that…)

7) That time he was fierce (and all those other times)


7) That time he made a collab video with Jack and Finn

8) That time he made a collab video with Kingsley

9) He attempted the Afro Circus Challenge and lived to tell the tale

10) He’s best friends with Taco Bell

11) He loves food more than you do

12) His “Stalking One Direction” video

13) He attempted the cinnamon challenge on camera for us


14) His facial expressions


15) He’s not afraid to raise the roof


16) He attempted making his own stock footage


17) He’s a great role model


18) He speaks what we all think about Darren Criss


19) Amongst all his jokes and sass, he really does have some constructive advice about life

tyleroakley: Easier said than done, but still. (From the video, So You Got Dumped)

20) His relationship with cool ranch doritos


21) He hugged Darren Criss

22) He met Chris Colfer

23) Chris Colfer knew who he was

24) He also touched his butt.

25) He has seen Jack and Finn Harries wet and in their undies

26) NO ONE comes between him and his blogging

27) His relationship with John Green

28) Because this video exists on the internet

29) He was on Watch What Happens Live

30) Him and fast food chains in general

Grade A, 100% Real Beef.

31) Cher dropped in to his twitcam

Remember when Cher dropped into my TwitCam? Normal.


32) He karaoke’d with Amber Riley

tyleroakley:</p><br /><br /><br />
<p>Karaoke night with @MsAmberPRiley and the crew - she was amazing! I was terrible! It was perfect!<br /><br /><br /><br />

33) He is basically friends with the whole cast of Glee

34) He really does tell all

35) The Huffington Post has written about how Tyler has supported charities

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