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Pokemon Snap: The Movie

Posted on March 22, 2013 by

Pokemon Snap: The Movie

OH MY NOSTALGIA. Remember owning an N64 console?

At that point, there were only two Pokémon titles available: Pokémon Stadium, and Pokémon Snap. Yes, I know these weren’t the best of the Pokemon games in it’s series, but hey, we were willing to work with what we got. Anyways, YouTube channel Gritty Reboots, takes all the things we know and love, and turns them into movie trailers. This time, they decided to make Pokémon Snap actually epic in this re-imagining.

You might be wondering – how do you even make a trailer about the worst Pokémon game? Well, they did it, and it’s actually really awesome! The animation of the Pokemon, the effects, and an actual plot line seriously makes me want to start a Kickstarter project to get this movie made in real life. Seriously. Take my money. Make it happen.


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