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HITS AND MISSES: Justin Timberlake, Lindsay Lohan, Tiger Woods

Posted on March 22, 2013 by

In the world of celebrity news, there’s no shortage of hits and misses. This week, Jimmy Fallon makes us laugh, Shia LaBeof shows us his abs, and Kris Jenner makes a sex tape.

HIT: Fallon, Timberlake and Carell make us laugh

When these three get together, it’s nothing but laughs. Carell and Timberlake pose as salesmen with fake arms and who’ve names their suits after former ‘N Syanc members Lance Bass and Joey Fatone.  Justin also makes some refernces to his song Suit & Tie . Brilliant.

MISS: Kris Jenner Sex Tape

Okay ew, eww, ewww! Like mother, like daughter. Kim isn’t the only one who’s showing off her assets on-screen. According to Enquirer‘s source,  “Kris was talking about how liberating it was to be filmed having sex and how it was a turn-on to watch herself with her lover.”  Kris you better go back and burn that tape. Ain’t nobody wanna see that!

HIT: Shia LaBeouf’s  hot abs

Holy abs! Shia is seen possing with boxing champ Peter Quillin. The two work out at the same gym and clearly it’s working. Yummmyyy!

MISS: Lindsey Vonn hides from Tiger Woods’ baby mama

It’s pretty much Facebook official that Tiger and Lindsey are bf and gf because you know it’s legit when it’s posted online, duh! The two were photographed at Tiger’s daughter’s baseball game where Lindsey sat in the car for an hour because Elin Nordegren was there. Good call, you don’t want to mess with a scorned Swede.

HIT: Michael Bublé has a boy on the way!

“We are so excited. We have just come from the hospital, and the sonogram was pretty clear — it’s a boy! We are thrilled,” the Canadian  singer told Page Six. Bublé and his wife, Argentine actress Luisana Lopilato, had their ultrasound appointment just after learning the Pope’s selection. The two are thrilled and their new little boy is due in August. I gotta say, this is going to be one cute baby!

MISS: Lindsay Lohan has a new mug shot

Smile for the camera! Lindsay continues to add yet another mugshot to her extensive collection.

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