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Episode Recap: Glee indulges in ‘Guilty Pleasures’

Posted on March 22, 2013 by

While Rachel struggles to come to terms with Brody’s secret, the McKinley kids indulged in their favourite guilty pleasures.

Here’s what you missed on last night’s episode, “Guilty Pleasures”

 Guilty Pleasures

 Mr. Schuester is out sick and instead of cancelling Glee, Blaine and Sam decided to take over and gave the group an assignment for the week. Inspired by Sam’s macaroni art (he does a mean Emma Stone), they decide everyone should sing a song by one of their guilty pleasure artists.  Bring on the Wham!, Barry Manilow and Phil Collins!

He’s Got a Crush on You

Blaine may have thought his crush on Sam was a secret, but nobody else did.  Sam spent the whole week trying to get Blaine to admit he was his guilty pleasure, but when all Blaine could come up with was Phil Collins, he finally admitted that he knew. It is really amazing that he doesn’t have a problem with Blaine’s feelings – although I’m sure with his looks he’s used to the attention.

Bitch Problems

The Glee club has 99 problems and they’re all Kitty (in this episode, anyways).  She was admittedly the most hated girl in school, so she appeared on Fondue for Two to clear her rap. And when she revealed her biggest guilty pleasure was the Spice Girls, it was hard for everyone to hate on her. Let’s face it; the Spice Girls are the solution to every problem, ever.

Team Breezy

Jake was open about the fact that his guilty pleasure is Chris Brown, but the girls were having none of it and tried to convince him not to do the number. He compromised by performing a Bobby Brown song, not realizing most people blame him for Whitney Houston’s drug problem. This week, he just can’t win. While it may be about the art and not the artist for Jake, most of the world can’t seem to get past the man behind the music.

American Gigolo

After Finn’s beat down on Brody last week, Brody took Santana’s advice and left Rachel high and dry. This, however, did not prevent Santana from spilling the deets behind the beeper and revealing that he was in fact a man whore – in the literal sense of the term. When Rachel confronted him about it, he turned it around on her by accusing her of still being in love with Finn… and guess what? She DIDN’T deny it! Could this mean my prayers for the return of Finchel have been answered?! Let’s hope so!

Best Performance: This week it was a close call between Rachel and Brody’s rendition of ‘Creep’ and the girls’ performance of ‘Wannabe’. Only Radiohead can compete with the magic that is the Spice Girls, plus I LOVE when Glee chooses something out of their Top 40/Broadway/Classic Rock comfort zone.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-2L0cKJSVM]

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