Well This is Weird: Tongue to Teeth Toothbrush

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Tongue to Teeth Toothbrush
Tongue to Teeth Toothbrush

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For those who simply don’t have enough time in the morning to fully dedicate a minute or two to hygiene, this is for you.

The tongue to teeth toothbrush is exactly what it sounds like: a pre-coated toothpaste brush you put on your tongue for a hands-free teeth cleaning experience.

It’s creator, Adel Elseri, told the Edmonton Journal he came up with the idea as he was driving home from a 12-hour shift. Elseri and his business partner Said Fayad presented the idea to the producers of the entrepreneurial show Dragon’s Den (or Shark Tank, if you’re American and watch the poor remake) last month. There is no news as of yet if they made it onto the show.

If anything, this product brings us just one step closer to being cats. Meow.

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