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Tina Fey Brings Back Sarah Palin Impression

Posted on March 21, 2013 by
Tina Fey and Sarah Palin

Tina Fey and Sarah Palin

Just when you thought Tina Fey called it quits with Sarah Palin, she brings back her impression of the former governor for our enjoyment.

Fey has been asked numerous times to do her famous impression of the politician but has said no. She even shot down the opportunity during this year’s Golden Globes saying that it was gone. It took an appearance onĀ Inside the Actor Studio and its host James Lipton to get her to go back into the mindset of Sarah Palin.

As usual, Fey killed it. She satirized the conservative view on same sex marriage and gun control, and even doled out a little fashion advice concerning Palin’s famous ‘do (“Well, I’m a fan of the bump-it.”).

Tina Fey, you are my hero.

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