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Everything Wrong with The Dark Knight in 4 Minutes

Posted on March 21, 2013 by

Everything Wrong with The Dark Knight

I’ve come to realize that movie logic is pretty much a more grown up version of cartoon logic. In a movie or cartoon, just about anything could happen. While cartoons typically gloss over inconsistencies, movies sometimes offer a quick line or two to explain these gaping plot holes. Sometimes, they don’t. While it’s pretty much universally understood that what happens in the movies doesn’t actually happen in real life, we can’t help but nitpick.

Enter CinemaSins who continue to point out film flaws that have been bugging many a viewer since a film’s release. This time around, they point out everything wrong with The Dark Knight. Does this lessen my enjoyment of the movie? No, but I’m glad there’s other people in the world who noticed all this inconsistencies.

Can they do the Dark Knight Rises next and just rip apart Bruce Wayne’s prompt return to Gotham City? Because really, that was messed up.

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