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American Eagle Debuts Spray On Skinny Jeans

Posted on March 21, 2013 by
American Eagle Spray on Jean

American Eagle Spray on Jean

Laid back, So-Cal cool retailer American Eagle has “graciously” taken the next steps in making skinny jeans even skinner with their Spray On Skinny jeans.

Apparently, this is an actual product that they’re selling online. For $49.95 you can get two spray cans, one in the light “wash” and the other in indigo. ¬†While they are available for men and women, all 1,000 of the limited edition run are “sold out.”

It’s like AE execs were reading a little too much into Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue (or lack thereof) and though that no, jeggings weren’t enough to burn the retinas of our eyes. They even made a commercial just to show us how disturbing this product really is (watch it below).

“I like skinny jeans,” says one actor. “But sometimes they’re not skinny enough.” Wait, what? Losing feelings in your legs is not skinny enough? Being unable to bend down is not skinny enough? What is wrong with you?

We have a couple of questions for those “people” who bought the stuff:

1. How do you cover your junk?

2. How do you draw on the pockets?

3. What is an appropriate venue to be sporting the “jeans”?

Oh, I hope this is just a really bad April Fool’s joke because I’m really not up for the task of trying to awkwardly sidestep anyone “wearing” a pair of skinny skinny jeans. Bumping into them would get awkward really, really fast.


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