Walk Off The Earth’s BEARD GUY SPEAKS!

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Walk Off the Earth Vs. ANDPOP

Walk Off the Earth Vs. ANDPOP

Walk Off The Earth’s Mike Taylor speaks on camera for what is possibly the first time ever in this ANDPOP exclusive.

Known as the “beard guy” to countless YouTube commenters, Taylor plays a round of ping pong against ANDPOP’s host Simon Mohos before he and the rest of the band embark on their world tour.

Walk Off The Earth exploded onto the scene after the band’s 5 people 1 instrument cover of Gotye’s “Somebody I Used To Know” went viral. The band have since gained over 300 million video views on YouTube alone and over a million subscribers.

For Taylor, “R.E.V.O.” (Realize Every Victory Outright) is more than just an album title—it’s how the band leads their own lives. He says he wants to inspire their fans to “shoot for the stars, stay positive, don’t let anything get in your way and realize your goals.”

“Do something you’ll believe in that’s fresh, a little different,” he said.

As Taylor spills the secrets on how to live a happy life to Simon, Simon returns the favour by teaching him how to say the Hungarian equivalent to “F—k, yeah!” It’s a skill we’re sure will come in handy when the band lands in Budapest, Hungary during their world tour.

Make sure to watch the video below to not only hear him speak but to see who comes out victorious in the most vicious and exciting sudden death ping pong match you’ll ever see.

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