Street Performer Punches Guy in the Face

Posted on March 15, 2013 by
Guy Gets Punched in the Face By a Street Performer

Guy Gets Punched in the Face By a Street Performer

There are a number of aspects of being a good person that many people seem to miss. One commonly missed memo seems to be not acting like a totally douchebag when someone is just trying to do their job.

It’s even worse when that person is pretty much obligated to ignore you because hey, the customer is always right, right? WRONG. They are not but we can’t tell them that.

But imagine if you were this street performer who is trying their best to entertain people in hopes they throw a buck or two into your hat. Just watch as some guy tries his best to make the street performer to break character. Well, needless to say, the douchebag does succeed on his quest of being a grade A jerk but he probably wasn’t expecting to get punched in the face for his “efforts.”

Kudos, Silver Man for standing up for yourself.


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