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Community TV Recap: EP 406—Advanced Documentary Filmmaking Online

Posted on March 15, 2013 by

This week’s episode of Community educated us on the serious reality of what it’s like to live with changnesia—you know, that made up/totally legitimate neurological issue that Kevin/Chang has going on? I know, my head’s spinning too.

The gears start turning when Abed decides to film a documentary in Greendale’s effort to plea to the MacGuffin Neurological Institute for a grant to fight changnesia. Does this mean viewers finally got some answers regarding the Kevin/Chang plot line? Five things from this week:

1) “What are you having?” “None of this!”

This week threw a lot of Chang/Kevin and Jeff stand-offs our way and each one succeeded in delivered in terms of providing hilarious confrontations. From witty word play  (“Welcome to Shirley’s Sandwiches where the sandwiches are Kevin-ly!”) down to Chang pulling a Rain Man and reciting a conversation Jeff and Shirley had within earshot verbatim to prove a point. The writing this week in general was pretty fantastic and everyone from the writers to the cast brought their comedic A-game.

Honourable mentions:
“We got ‘em; hook, line and Winger!”
“This needs to be the Hoop Dreams of things people care about!”


She really does manage to ruin everything. Actually though. The camera stops rolling and fades to black. The scene we see is Shirley in tears, admitting she had “never told that story to anyone before”, asks if the “song was too much” and then walks away, announcing she was dead for three minutes. I’m sorry… WHAT?! Back up!

Britta was supposed to be filming the scene the whole time, but she Britta’ed it up and forced us to miss what could have been one of the best Shirley moments in Community history. To be fair, choosing not to show the scene could really be what makes it so funny; it’s just something about Britta that makes me blame her for everything anyway. That and I’d kill to see literally everything Yvette Nicole Brown said occurred when the camera wasn’t rolling.

3) Partner and Hoolihan.

Troy and Annie team up to uncover Chang/Kevin’s back-story, posing as investigators who can’t seem to get on the same page. It’s the first time these two characters have had a story line with just them together in a long time. I don’t know what it is about Troy and Annie, but I like it. It could be that it was an idea that was introduced in season one that stuck; it could be that I’m just willing to see my beloved with anyone but Britta Perry. I don’t know. Couldn’t say. I can assure you it’s for totally valid, completely mature and psychologically sound reasons though…
P.S. How adorable was it every time Troy smiled excitedly at Abed’s camera? Alright, I’m sorry. I’m done. Moving on.

4) So…Chang’s in the study group now?

What? No… Really? So it’s finally happened. He’s in. For now(?). The last moments of the episode showed that Kevin really was just Chang conning the study group which they’re falling for. Part of me hopes the truth is comes forward soon, because I’m not sure how crazy I am about this being a central theme for the duration of the season, though part of me secretly hopes they kind of just stick with it/revisit this story line. This season has been yo-yoing with the number of good episodes being neck and neck with the bad thus far and it’d be far less disappointing to have the show stick to what’s been working recently rather than having the writer’s grasp desperately for episode concepts and end up falling short.



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