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Nicki Minaj Gets a Make-Under for Elle

Posted on March 14, 2013 by

Needless to say, Nicki Minaj is known for her over-the-top, loud, sometimes bat-shit crazy looks. Basically, where there’s a wig and some pink lipstick, there’s Nicki Minaj under all of it. So it was a surprise to finally see what the rapper looks like underneath all of those layers.

Minaj took off all (or at the very least, most) of her make-up off for an Elle Magazine-sponsored make under.

“”When I saw myself with barely any makeup at, it was such a… like, I’m so, so attached to my pink lipstick, it’s hard,” she told Elle. “I feel that it’s become a part of me. To go in front of the camera, without pink lips or big ol’ crazy lashes— you know, nothing— I felt naked. It was scary! So this photo shoot was a real accomplishment in my eyes.”

Well, we think so, too! Minaj looks stunning without the crazy so we hope this will be a look she turns to for any future red carpet events. Maybe she’ll finally find her way on a best dressed list!



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