Furbies as Celebrities

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Dear Furby Living,

This is the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen. Furbies on their own were creepy enough as it is with their large eyes watching you and their creepy little voices talking when no one has even said anything. They’re also just one step away from becoming gremlins, just add water.

So why in the world would you think it was a good idea to turn furbies into celebrities?

Furby as Taylor Swift? Creepy.

Furby as Nicki Minaj? She looks like she’s going to kill me.

Furby as Azealia Banks? This is the stuff nightmares are made of.

Furby as M.I.A.? It’s their eyes.

Fubry as Björk? No, this looks just about right.

But still. Just look at these things! Just try to tell me they don’t look like they want to kill you in the middle of the night:

all images via furbyliving.com

I know Inception¬†was all about trying to embed ideas into other people’s minds, but can we do the opposite here and take all these images out of my head? I’d very much like to sleep tonight and this is not helping that goal.

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