What You Missed on This Week’s Episode of PLL “I’m Your Puppet”

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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars

I’m still in shock over this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars. let’s just say I wasn’t expecting this one!

And just in case you missed it here are the top events that happened in this week’s episode of PLL “I’m Your Puppet.”

1. Toby’s body is found

After the girls spend all episode trying to prove to Spencer that Toby’s body wasn’t the one she found that night in the woods, Emily’s mom tells her that the police finally found Toby’s body. I guess when you mess with A, A messes with you right back.

2. Aria broke up with Ezra

So my heart basically broke into a million pieces last night and it was all because Aria decided to dump Ezra. She did this because she feels that now that Ezra’s son is in the picture she has to be out of it…. Poor Aria! Hopefully they get back together soon.

3. A messes with Hanna

In this week’s episode we find out that A couldn’t let Caleb enjoy his new family. Unfortunately for Caleb, his dad is currently working on rebuilding the Rosewood church where A switched the church’s very valuable bell for a a copy. Because no one knows A did this, everyone assumes Caleb’s dad sold it and kept the money. This causes Caleb to get into a fight with his father who then leaves Rosewood. Hopefully everything gets sorted out soon.

4. Spencer is A

Ummm, I am sorry can you repeat that Spencer has joined the A team? Looks like being in Mona’s room at the Rosewood Asylum has really taken a toll on her… I wonder if we will now get to see the A team through Spencer’s eyes… here’s to hoping.

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