Skrillex Fans as the MGM Lion

Posted on March 13, 2013 by

You know when you’re trying to catch a movie, you always factor in the time it takes for the trailers to roll and the title cards to play? It’s that little bit of time that makes you go, “why yes, I can be a little late to this movie. Let me grab some more M&Ms and squirt a little bit more butter on my popcorn like the true ‘foodie’ I am.”

Well, if that movie began with this overly enthused (and most likely drugged up) Skrillex fan as the MGM Lion, I would never never be late for a movie again.

via finalellipsis.tumblr.com

Obviously, repetition gets a little boring, so maybe MGM can switch it up from time to time with Jennifer Lawrence:

via cosetteidontknowhatosay.tumblr.com

Who would you prefer to see? Jennifer Lawrence or the drugged up Skrillex fan? Comment and tell us below!

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