North Korean Anti-America Propaganda Video is Crazy

Posted on March 13, 2013 by

North Korea may just be hell on Earth.

Yeah sure, the residents of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea may slowly be getting access to the Internet (which is probably high censored), but it still sucks. It’s a nation who continues to threaten nuclear attacks, consistently violates human rights codes, has been under the dictatorship of one insane family, it’s government is full of sexist pigs and throws their own people in concentration camps across North Korea and Siberia. Yeah, it’s screwed up.

The North Korean government would also like their people to know just how terrible America is. According to this video, people in America:

  •  all live in tents which blow down easily
  • are constantly surrounded by snow and which they eat (snow coffee!)
  •  get aid from North Korea
  • have eaten all the birds
  • they huddle with the dead to keep warm
  • are all on drugs

Really, North Korea? Really? I think you’re the crazy ones.


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5 Responses to “North Korean Anti-America Propaganda Video is Crazy”

  1. Korean-american says:

    This is a lie. The translation is completely false. I can speak Korean and they are not dissing america

  2. Truth is in the USA we have more of our own citizens per capita imprisoned than ANY other country in the world. including North Korea. They “may just be hell on Earth” but we “sure the Hell ain’t Heaven!”

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