Real or Fake: Bruno Mars Fangirls Over Pete Wentz

Posted on March 13, 2013 by

People are becoming so good at Photoshop these days that I feel like I need to expect them like I do with designer purses. I mean, yeah sometimes there are photos that are just obviously photoshopped that it’d be silly to think they’re real at all (i.e. sharks swimming in a flooded subway station). But then, there are those clever Photoshop jobs that make it sometimes difficult to distinguish it’s authenticity.

Whether or not this photo of Pete Wentz is real or not, just take a look at Bruno Mars in the background obviously fangirling over the Fall Out Boy bassist. He’s just like, “OHMYGERD. LOOK! A REAL FAMOUS PERSON WALKING DOWN THE STREET. NOOOO, REALLY?” while his friend doesn’t seem to care as much.

But will his fangirling skills ever top our queen Jennifer Lawrence’s own freakout¬†over Jack Nicholson? I think not.

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