The 20/20 Experience: A Track by Track Review of the Stream

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Although Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience isn’t available for purchase just yet, it was recently put up on iTunes on a stream…for free. The stream will stay up for a week.

It looks like Timberlake really wants to get us all really excited for the release of his first album in seven years.


After listening to the stream, I came to the conclusion that the album is everything I could have wanted and more. It’s a healthy balance of everything we love about JT (i.e. falsetto and sensual beats) and new styles we have not heard yet from Timberlake, like jazz (quick! Jazz hands!).

Timberlake has always been dapper, more so now as all his performances have been done in the obligatory suit and tie attire. This album is his white tie, top hat, and tails as it’s pop meets crooner, with a hint of R&B.

It really makes you respect Justin Timberlake and the amount of worth that went into creating his comeback. It’s very clear this album took a lot of time and planning as every track is perfect and lends itself perfectly to the next. Being able to hearing the album on stream gives you the full effect as opposed to hitting random on your illegal download.

I enjoyed each and every track as they’re all similar but different from the one before it.

“The 20/20 Experience” will be released March 19, and is available for pre-order.

Read our review of every track below:

Little Pusher Love Girl 

Pusher love is the sexy song of this album with it’s smooth and sensual vibe. Just when you think you can’t love this song enough, Timberlake starts to rap — something I didn’t realize he could do. This song is just fun to listen to as it’s a mix of different sounds that just happens to work together.

Suit & Tie

We all know and love “Suit & Tie” already. It’s already a big chart topper and was the perfect single to release from this album. In a way “Suit & Tie” encompasses the whole feel of the album as it represents the album’s clean cut yet sexy sound.

Don’t Hold the Walls 

There’s no doubt that Justin Timberlake and Timbaland work so well with each other, as cemented by this song. “Don’t Hold the Wall” is one of those slow-yet-fast songs that you can still jam out to. It sounds like nothing else Timberlake has done, and the instrumental is extraordinary for the track.

Strawberry Bubblegum 

Words can’t describe how much I love this song’s Barry White-esque intro as Timberlake just instinctually knows how to write a sexy love song. I already feel seduced. Normally I find word repetition in songs annoying, but he does it in a way that makes it bearable. Also, what a title.

Tunnel Vision 

Timberlakes lyrics may not be deep, or really tasteful at all, but his sultry voice makes everything sound sexy and romantic. This song is mixed really well together, it has a neat techno sound that goes well with Timberlakes vocals.

Spaceship Coupe

And when you think Justin Timberlake can’t get any sexier, he does. This album should have just been called “Songs for sex.” By the way, “Make love on the moon,” is actually a lyric. Is that an invitation? I hope so. This song is so sensual and I love Timberlake’s falsetto in this track.

That Girl

This may just be my favourite off the album alongside “Pusher Lover Girl.” I love the jazz feel to this song and it’ll have you snapping your fingers and swooning. This is one of the more tasteful love songs of the album so you won’t feel too embarrassed when you start belting it out.

Let The Groove In

Thank you, Justin Timberlake for an epic dance song. This track will take the club scene by storm as it makes you want to get up and dance. You won’t be able to sit still in your seat when you hear this.


We’ve already heard “Mirrors” and appreciated how it was classic Justin Timberlake. Releasing this alongside “Suit & Tie” as a single really represented the two sides to the album. It depicts old school Justin Timberlake, and the mature, dapper Justin Timberlake. Really, the whole album is the balance of both worlds.

Blue Ocean Floor 

This is the ballad of the album and it is beautiful. I think this one is sure to be a fan favourite.



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