Meet Charlie, the Sweater Wearing Parrot

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Charlie the Sweater Wearing Parrot

Charlie the Sweater Wearing Parrot

This is Charlie, the sweater wearing parrot.

Charlie was a neglected pet who had plucked out his feathers, according to the BBC.

The charity’s co-ordinator, Rebecca Blagg, began knitting the eclectus parrot sweaters after the U.K. bird charity Safehaven rescued the poor bird in 2007.

“He was the worst we’d ever seen. He was literally like an oven-ready chicken, he was that bald,” she told the BBC. “He was so cold without his feathers, he was shivering.”

Since being nursed back to health, Bagg has said Charlie has become so accustomed to his multitude of sweaters (He has ones in green, blue and peach and brown ones) that he becomes quite angry and agitated when he’s not wearing one.

“Knitting’s not my forte and I’ve never knitted for a parrot before,” she said. “But he seemed to like it.”

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