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Justin Timberlake and Jay Z make Kanye West sad

Posted on March 11, 2013 by
Kanye West

Kanye West

During another one of his onstage rants, the ever so eloquent Kanye West took a little dig at Justin Timberlake as he said, “I got love for Hov (Jay Z) but I ain’t f***ing with that ‘Suit & Tie’.”

Well Kanye, Suit & Tie “ain’t f**ing” with you either. Justin Timberlake made that clear on Saturday Night Live this past Saturday when he made a not-so-subtle song change to Suit & Tie performance.

Too much? I think not. Timberlake didn’t “bash” the notoriously rude rapper as much as he simply stated a fact. Kanye West is a very dramatic person overall (seriously, Ryan Seacrest. Convince Kanye to wear a mic while on any one of Kim Kardashian’s reality shows). You can’t diss someone who didn’t really do anything to you and not expect some sort of reaction. Personally, I found Timberlake’s reaction hilarious and not all that offensive.

Poor Kanye. Timberlake is stealing his awards and his best friend/favourite collaborator. Do these moments of bro-hood between Jay Z and Justin Timberlake make you sad, Kanye?

Justin and Jay Z eating cereal together

That makes Kanye sad

Jay z caressing Justin

Still makes Kanye Sad

Justin and Jay Z performing together

That also makes Kanye sad

Justin and Jay Z’s wife performing together

That makes Kanye sad, too

Justin and Jay Z going on tour together

Unsurprisingly, it makes Kanye sad

Justin and Jay Z filming the Suit & Tie video

Results are in: Kanye is sad

Justin and Jay Z goofing around together

Kanye doesn’t think its funny

Poor, Kanye. Maybe if you learned how to express your feelings like normal people, you could possibly get your friend back.

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