An Eighth Grader’s Letter to a Soldier Includes a Puking Unicorn

Posted on March 11, 2013 by
Eight Grader's letter to a soldier

Eight Grader's letter to a soldier

Soldier and redditor Rapid_Bombarder recently posted this letter he received from an eighth grader named Giselle.

The letter was quite sweet and hit all the right points as she paid him quite the compliment, asked him about his life and gave a quick description of herself. Though the icing of the cake has to be the puking unicorn she drew at the bottom of the page. I think her accuracy is spot on as the unicorn is throwing up glitter and farting rainbows (JUST LIKE GIRLS!).

According to his original post, Rapid Bombarder said it brightened up his day, which coincidentally, was his birthday. Best. Birthday. Message. Ever.

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