14 Television ‘Ships of Your Childhood

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“Shipping” has become prominent in television and film viewing nowadays. Almost all couples (and even non-couples) are labeled with conjoined names (I.e Romione, Klaine, Delena). With blogging and fanfiction, shipping has taken the media by storm. It breaks the servers of websites hosting polls on best pairings, and even influences writers. In fact, Ryan Murphy addresses shippers explicity on Glee as characters refer to their ship names. Principal Figgins actually called Rachel and Finn, “Finchel” and characters continually refer to their fan base as Brittany addressed how lesbian bloggers might not like her being with Sam.

Looking back on old shows, you will realize we were all shipping before it became it became a thing on the internet. There were couples (especially on much beloved Disney shows) where in our eyes, the whole show centered around two characters that had to be together. There was no possibility Lizzie was going to end up with any guy who she dated, because she was meant to be with Gordo. Phil could not go to the future before he confessed his love for Keely.

There are so many pairings that were meant to be in our eyes. We shipped them, and we shipped them hard.

 Take a trip back to look at characters from your childhood that you definitely shipped

Lizzie & Gordo (Lizzie McGuire)

Over the course of Lizzie McGuire we saw Lizzie through multiple and awful relationships. Gordo was the one constant in all her relationships, the one who would bring her back up again after yet another guy knocked her down. Lizzie didn’t always know Gordo loved her, but we did, and that is why we will never forget when they finally kissed in the movie. Poor Gordo, that only took a few seasons to happen…

Helga & Arnold  (Hey Arnold) 

Even though Helga is considered to be psycho, and her romance with Arnold is in her head, their relationship is pretty endearing. She will go to great lengths to help out  Arnold, and if thats not love, then what is?

Keeley & Phil (Phil of the Future)

There was never a question Keeley and Phil were meant to be together. Whenever one had a potential love interest, the other became extremely tense and obviously jealous.  Even though we wanted Keeley to mind her own business and not find out Phil was from the future, Keeley loved him all the same after she found out. True love is dating someone with four toes.

Zoey & Chase (Zoey 101)

Although we all knew Chase only had eyes for Zoey from the first episode when he fell of a bike to get a good look at her, we didn’t know if Zoey would reciprocate his feelings. It was only until Chase got a girlfriend of his own did Zooey realize she liked him — typical. Although Chase chased (ha!) Zoey when she changed boarding schools not realizing Zoey stayed at Pacific Coast Academy, the two finally got to be together in what might have been the best Disney Channel finale of all time.

Topanga & Cory (Boy Meets World) 

These two have been together from elementary school. On Boy Meets World, we got to witness their friendship grow, their relationship end and then begin again. They made us suffer through multiple break ups, but Topanga’s proposal to Cory at their graduation made it all worth it.

Joey & Pacey (Dawsons Creek)

For seasons we witnissed the Pacey vs. Dawson debacle. Although Pacey was always fighting himself for having feelings for his best friends girlfriend/ex girlfriend we were all relieved when Joey chased after Pacey when he was going to sail. They got together on a ship. If you fail to see the pun please get off the internet. In the finale, when she had to pick between the two she chose Pacey and a million shippers cried happy tears.

Fred & Daphne

If you didn’t want these two together you are lying. I’m not even talking the live action Scooby Doo here, I am talking the cartoon. The real Scooby Doo. Fred always protected Daphne, and if you didn’t swoon every-time he decided to pair up with her when the gang split, I can’t talk to you.

Jonesy & Nikki

Strong willed Nikki was always the one to put womanizer Jonesy in place. Of course it came as no shock when the too came together, and then when the two broke up. Of course their feelings didn’t die out, because what kind of love story would that be? When the two got back together, it was a beautiful and sweet moment, and everything we could ever want out of this unlikely pair.

Kelly & Zack (Saved By The Bell)

When Zack Morris first met Kelley Kapowski, he fell head over heels. He was in constant competition with Slater for her affection, and the Zack and Kelly were one of the 90’s cutest couples. They were on and off again for seasons upon seasons, and their breakups made us cry each and every time. Even watching those breakup episodes now will have you in tears, but their eventual Vegas wedding is was the final consolidation. What’s an iconic couple without a huge wedding where everyone from high school comes back?

Gomez & Morticia (The Addams Family)

Probably the most in love parents in television history – it’s a shame they neglect everyone but each other. Their dancing is what makes their relationship truly iconic.

Tawny & Louis (Even Stevens)

You totally wanted this to happen, don’t deny it. You flailed when they kissed and you cried when they broke up. It’s hard to imagine Louis with anyone else…it’s also hard to imagine anyone else who would put up with him.

Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask (Sailr Moon)

It’ s time to face the fact that you started shipping at a very young age. There is no way you weren’t excessively invested in the romance between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo mask. The two constantly were saving each others lives. He was the epitome of the dark, mysterious and handsome type, whereas she was purity’s shining star.

Spinelli & T.J. (Recess)

Don’t judge, you know you assumed these two would be a couple once they were older. They always looked out for one another and stood up for each other. Come on, don’t you remember the episode where they almost kissed and then did end up kissing? There were beautiful things happening before they came crashing back down to reality.

Ron & Kim (Kim Possible)

You didn’t know how much you wanted these two together until that epic Kim Possible movie when she started dating that robot guy. Kim was always after another guy and you were too busy rooting for her to notice Ron. Well, Kim was apparently the same. Once Ron and Kim started dating, you finally realized how perfect they were together and just wanted them to never stop fighting crime together. Deny it, and I will most likely not believe you.

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