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Talking Shit on the #Hashtag

Posted on March 10, 2013 by

In a brand new episode of Talking Sh*t, the ANDPOP staff talk shit on the hash tag.

Ever wondered about when it was first used? We didn’t either but we now we know!

The ANDPOP staff lay out how to explain what the hashtag is to your elder folk, when and where it’s appropriate to hashtag, when it isn’t and how to use hashtags to get noticed on the interwebs! Because getting noticed on the internet is all we really want, right?

On top of all that good fun, we throw out a little challenge to all of you: the human hashtag. We all know what you’re thinking: “what the eff could that possibly be? It better not be as stupid as planking, owling or the ‘Harlem Shake.'” You have to watch the video to find out!

We want to see all your attempt at the #humanhashtag so make sure to send all your attempts of the human hashtag to ANDPOP via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or as a video response on YouTube!

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