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From the brilliant mind of John Green comes The Fault In Our Stars, a story that will have you wondering just how a middle-aged man seems to understand just how a teenage girl’s mind actually works.

The Fault In Our Stars tells the story of cancer patient Hazel Grace, who expects nothing spectacular of life until she meets cancer survivor Augustus Waters at a support group. He turns turns her world upside down, then back upright again, giving her the life and love she would have never imagined.

While this plot line seems like the standard “two sick people fall in love, one dies, we all cry,” Green writes in a way that makes this book stand out enough to land itself on numerous lists and best seller shelves.

Firstly, he has a flare for understanding the mind of teenagers and young adults.He understands the pressures they are under and can grasp the way young adults feel about themselves,others, their futures, and their relationships in a very spot-on manner. To put it simply, he gets how dreams seem larger than life, and the struggles of having so much going on in your life at once. For a middle-aged man, he remarkable can accurately portray the pressures of family, school, friends, relationships, and loss at a young age. While we understand that yes, every adult has more or less goes through the same personal traumas we are faced with right now, Green’s characters are far from the usual condescending tone we’re used to and they mirror how you or I might speak to a friend or parent.

Whoever thought Bella and Edward shared a beautiful love story has not read this book because the romantic storyline between Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters is one for the ages. Green draws you in with characters that are in no way perfect. Grace is standoffish and Waters is smug, but yet the two hit it off so well. The way their story is told will make you laugh and cry. Most of all, it will have all teenage girls wanting their own Augustus Waters instead of their own Edward Cullen. Really, what’s the logic behind a vampire boyfriend? Please explain. Actually, don’t. I’m too busy being in love with Augustus Waters.

This brilliant novel can be read in one sitting, because John Green writes in a way that makes it easy to fall into his world. It will make you re-evaluate what you think you know about love, loss, and relationships. Most of all, it will leave you with profound quotes you will never forget.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to be taken on an emotional roller coaster with no seat belt. That is how great and emotionally draining this book is.

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