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ANDPOP TV RECAP: Community Ep. 405 “Escapism In Familial Relations”

Posted on March 8, 2013 by
Community TV Recap

Community TV Recap
On this week’s episode, the gang got weird.

It was a milestone for the series as the study group spent Thanksgiving with the family. Jeff finally meets with his father (with Britta tagging along, of course) while the rest of the group spent the holiday at Shirley’s. It was an episode that would have made more sense if it had aired on the scheduled October date and which felt like the darker timeline Abed predicted back in season three.

This week’s guest stars alone may just be what it took to turn the season’s record of disappointing episodes, but even the writing was remarkably better. The slight nod to the Shawshank Redemption was subtle enough to bring us back to seasons one and two style writing and served as a reminder of just how great the show is at doing this kind of thing. Well boys, it looks like we’re finally getting back in the Community groove!

Here are five things from this week, Shawshank style:

1. James Brolin.

Finally, FINALLY the show utilizes the talent that comes to them in a celebrity guest star as Brolin joins the cast as Jeff’s father. Though he has some entertaining lines, his character had a more serious tone. Having a character/actor keep an appropriate tone for the story line isn’t something we’re used to seeing from the show (even with more serious plot lines) and it was refreshing and extremely well done. Brolin’s ability to keep a straight face while informing Jeff that he had nothing to worry about in the bedroom when he got older made him the perfect Papa Winger. It’s safe to say that this week’s guest appearance was a home run for the series.

2. “He’ a  Schwarzenegger; I’m a DeVito! I get it!”

Adam Devine. YES, YES, YES. Everyone’s favourite workaholic guest starred as Jeff’s half brother and did not disappoint. Devine just kept the laughs rolling in as the jealous sibling with outbursts and meltdowns in true Demamp style. “They’re bonding. Probably laughing because I can’t grow a beard!”  I can’t even. Please make him a recurring character. I will literally do anything. “I’M EXPRESSING!”

3. “You’re not going to get all Jock Jams on me, are you?”

This week we got two Winger speeches. One Winger speech is a usually little much and unnecessary, but this week they felt like throwing two our way. Because of how pleased I was with the rest of the episode I’m going to let it slide. “I’m constantly texting…and there’s no one at the other end.” I’m sorry, called that sh*t from the pilot. Just saying. Boom.

4. The classics.

There were a lot of classic character moments this week that were absolutely fantastic. From Britta’s desperate attempts to mend the bond with Jeff and his father (“You really you’ed this one”) to Troy’s blatant inability to cover anything up (“Eat garbage dip! Why did I have to go third!”) Again, a big way to go to the writer’s for bringing us back to better days. Special mention goes to Shirley’s “do you have your monthly shame?” and Abed’s taking the homage one step too far (the map of Shirley’s house and the hole in the laundry room wall directly out of Shawshank).

5. Oh, Chevy!

I’m sorry, did Pierce just blatantly call Abed a dick? Did that really just happen?!

P.S.- YES to doing a Die Hard Christmas episode. Yes, yes, yes. I will be the happiest. Cool. Cool, cool, cool.

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