Cats + Social Media = Accurate

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Cats are everywhere on the internet. Photos and gifs of cats are all over Tumblr, and Youtube is home to an infinite supply of cat videos. Truthfully, I still don’t understand what it is about cats that has everyone so obsessed.

Cats have truly taken over social media. They even have their own memes.

To truly understand the strong presence of cats on the internet and specifically social media outlets, According to Devin created a very accurate representation of this relationship.

You can find cats doing and wearing anything on the internet and that is not an exgeration. Really. Do a Google search. Cats dressed up in costumes. Cats doing funny things. Cats with captions. Cats with odd human qualities.Cats meowing. Cats rapping. Cats. Cats. Cats.

Thank you, According to Devin. You have figured it out.

What do you think about this cat age of the internet?

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One response to “Cats + Social Media = Accurate”

  1. Anomie says:

    I fucking hate cats…

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