The Harlem Shake Can Get You Fired

Posted on March 4, 2013 by
Miners Get Fired For Doing the Harlem Shake

Miners Get Fired For Doing the Harlem Shake

If there wasn’t enough reason to completely abandon this year’s stupidest viral sensation already, you might just stop stupidly convulsing right now because the “Harlem Shake” could actually get you fired.

According to the Associate Press, up to 15 Australian miners were fired from their jobs at a gold mine after their underground Harlem Shake performance was deemed unsafe. It wasn’t just the miners-turned-dancers that were let go—those who were simply watching were also given the boot.

While the dancing miners were all wearing helmets, the mine owner still considered the stunt a safety issue and a breach of its “core values of safety, integrity and excellence.

While we all think the Harlem Shake is a complete waste of time now we have screaming goats interrupting Taylor Swift every five seconds, do you think the miners should have been fired? Comment and let us know below!


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