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“Watch out for this (Bumaye)” – Major Lazer

Major Lazer’s new album Free The Universe seems to be perpetually delayed, with a final release date still to be officially announced. But in the meantime, producers Diplo and Switch released a new single to keep the masses entertained. “Watch out for this” is pure Major Lazer with a fun dancehall/house mashup with a beat that will transport you straight to a Jamaican party.

“Sacrilige” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Karen O and the gang are back in full force with a new single off their upcoming album Mosquito. The track starts off with some great lo-fi effects and simple instrumentation, building up with backup singers and finishing off with an epic gospel chorus that will pump you right up. Mosquito is released April 15.

“Motorway” – Little Boots

Electro pop darling Little Boots just released a new track, “Motorway,” which apparently existed for over a year and half before she decided to release it to the world. It’s slow and soft enough for her voice to really shine, and coupled with a low, pulsing beat. The track is hypnotizing and beautiful…I’m glad Little Boots didn’t keep this gem hidden away forever!

“Flashbacks, Memories and Dreams” – The Virgins

New York post-punk group The Virgins haven’t released any new music since their first album five years ago…until now. Feast your eyes and ears on this beauty. The music video itself is a work of art, filmed to look like one of those vintage music videos from the 80s with grainy video quality and tacky colors. Mixed with the old-school guitar solos, I would say The Virgins are right on point with their first single. Their new album Strike Gently hits stores March 12.

“There’s a Fire” – Dirty Projectors

Don’t you just love when bands go out of their way to create something new and special for their fans? Well the Dirty Projectors recently made a limited edition 7” version of “Offspring Are Blank” off their latest album Swing Lo Magellan. The record’s B-side, “There’s a Fire,” is an intricate, jumpy track, which sounds like it was extremely complicated to record and produce. Listen for guitars, and drums layered at different speeds on each other and a mix of acoustic and electric elements. I have to say, I’m extremely impressed with this one. Swing Lo Magellan is in stores now.

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