Meet ANDPOP’s New Host With the Most: Simon Mohos

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Meet ANDPOP’s New Host With the Most: Simon Mohos

Dear Internet,

Meet Simon Mohos. He’s ANDPOP’s new producer and host.

Meet ANDPOP’s New Host With the Most: Simon Mohos

This is Simon. He’s getting rejected by Degrassi‘s Melinda Shankar.

You might recently know him as that lucky dude who got to hangout with the U.K.’s Lawson during ANDPOP’s live-stream (yes, the one with the HUGE dimples). You might also recognize him as the guy who got rejected by Degrassi’s Melinda Shankar on a speed date. Maybe you remember Simon as the long-haired guy who hosted YTV’s movie show, ZAPX? This guy has been having quirky conversations with stars like Brad Pitt, Alicia Keys and Chris Brown for over 7 years!

Luckily for all of us, he’s a multi-talented guy. When he’s not busy interviewing celebs, he’s out on the streets photographing whatever catches his attention. Simon’s photos are like a visual diary of all the shit he gets up to from day today.

Wanna creep through his photo diary???

All of Simon’s photography can be found on his blog C A M E R A † G R A V E Y A R D. You can also follow him on Twitter @SimonMohos where he’s always tweeting behind the scenes photos as he interviews your favourite artists for ANDPOP.


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