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7 Best Bromances of all time

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The best relationships aren’t always romantic. Through film, television and literature, we as viewers and readers have come to understand the value of a great bromance. When two bros care about one another, continuously confide in and help guide each other, it is considered a bromance. Okay…by most of the internet it is considered something else, but that is another story entirely.

A story is not complete without a pair of bro’s looking out for one another and vying for each others success. One of the greatest real-life bromances of all time in my opinion is the one between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Remember when the two won the Oscar together for the script of Good Will Hunting? If you don’t, go YouTube it, because it was adorable.

Other pairs that come to mind when I think of bromances include Frodo and Sam, and Merry and Pippin from Lord Of the Rings. Those who climb trees together and go to Mordor together are bros for life. One does not simply go to Mordor without their bro, durh.

ANDPOP has compiled a list of the 7 best bromances of all time for you and your wild imagination (talking to all you shippers out there).

Cory and Shawn (Boy Meets World)

Nothing beats this bromance that lasted a lifetime. Cory and Shawn have been bro’s throughout their schooling and into their adult lives. Their handshakes, heart to hearts, and epic schemes, place them high on this list of best bromances. Their friendship is one for the decades as they have taught us what it truly means to be a good friend. To love and protect always without judgement.




Phineas and Ferb (Phineas and Ferb)

OKAY, so these two are technically step-brothers, but this cartoon pair has to be on this list. Their friendship is like no other. We all need that person who we can turn to and say, “I know what we are going to do today.” Who doesn’t need someone to build unrealistically elaborate things with on a daily basis? Most importantly, these bro’s show us the ultimate key to epic bromance – breaking out in catchy musical numbers at opportune times. That, or a really awesome theme song.


Sam and Blaine (Glee)

This season of Glee has brought us a great bromance between Sam and Blaine. While yes, Blaine has/had an inevitably awkward crush on Sam, the two still have a friendship to be envied. Ryan Murphy has definately done the right thing having a straight character and gay character being best friends; its a no-judging and supportive friendship between two guys, and it is amazing to watch. If thats not enough justification, they two are adorably dorky together, and you can’t help but smile whenever the two scream their catchphrase “BLAM” when they accomplish something.

File:Blam heroes head thump wack fight play love.gif

Fichier:Blam ! .gif

Nolan and Jack

There are so many on and off romances on Revenge that are hot and heavy. Emily Thorne may have had numerous love interests over the course of Revenge‘s two seasons, but the bromance between Nolan and Jack has been a constant. Nolan doesn’t give a crap about people other than himself, and Emily. He hates the people of the Hampton’s and their lying and cheating nature. Regardless, Nolan has a soft spot for Jack. He is always looking out for him, and it is always cute to watch Jack acknowledge Nolan’s efforts, and lend him a helping hand when Nolan needs it. The two are constantly looking out for each other, while stick bickering like an old married couple.

Chandler and Joey

Could two characters BE any cuter together? The likes of Chandler and Joey on Friends have gone down in history as one of the most epic bromances of television history. Their conversations mimick those of a couple in a committed relationship. Their arguments and make-ups could be considered married bickering. Through thick and thin these two have stood by each other. These bros have always had the others best interest in mind, and have never abandoned their post as best friend.

Troy and Abed

Sing it with me: Troy and Abed in the moooorning. They have their own morning show, they make pillow forts, they have a dreamatorium, and they literally get separation anxiety when they are not with one another. They are the ultimate bromance. These two steal all scenes on Community. Their Spanish Rap first season is all it took to make this pair a bromance for the ages.

Sherlock and Watson

Here we have a bromance that has seen itself through literature, film, and television. On Sherlock, John Watson is not only his best friend, but his only friend. Their bromance is a twisted one, but a beautiful one at that. The funniest thing about their bromance is the fact that so many think they are more than just bros. If we had to count how many times Watson has to say “He’s not my boyfriend,” or a version of that, we would be rich. Nevertheless, their friendship is epic, and in the finale of Sherlock’s last season its heart-wrenching. Nobody knows or understands Sherlock quite like Watson.



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    thats bullshit you dont have JD and Turk from scrubs. thats a huge bromance in tv history

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