Adorable Animals And Their Mini-Me’s

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There’s nothing cuter than scrolling through pictures of our four-legged friends. Imagine when these fur balls are joined by a minature version of themselves? It just screams cute-appeal. Here are ten of our favourite animals and their mini-me’s SteveV91:

Check out these two as they take a quick trip to the store. What do you think they’re shopping for? Catnip, treats, some toys perhaps?

Awwh! these two paws in a pod clearly love to cuddle.

Watchu looking at? Big kitty and little kitty are total posers. Look at those whiskers!

Tickle Fight! Big Panda and Little Panda enjoy some good fun in the sun. 


Kitty see, kitty do—they’re literally copy-cats! These fur balls are reaching high for some coveted item. Almost there! Just a little higher!

For those who always wanted a pony, eat your heart out.  Look at this  horse as it looks over the little one. I want!

I’m having major Lion King flashbacks. It looks like Mufasa it’s giving Simba some life lessons

Kisses for kitty. Who doesn’t love a good smooch?

Look at the gentle giant and the baby pug. These two share a sweet moment and spread the love.

If you can’t get enough of the cuteness, check out the full list of these adorable photos 

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