Top 10 clothing and beauty trends in the 90s

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We all did it, whether it was crimping our hair, or wearing overalls with one strap snapped on and the other hanging, we did what was cool. All the cool kids followed these trends, but that doesn’t mean we want them back.

10. Hair Scrunchies!

What would make your ponytail look mighty fine, you ask? A big fat awkwardly wrinkly tacky cotton elastic of course! They almost looked like a napkin wrapped up in your hair. Worst part is I saw a woman sporting one just the other day at Taco Bell, which we all know is way to classy of an establishment to be wearing one of those.

9. Hair Mascara!

Just like the name suggests, you apply like mascara, but to your hair. You could have all the colors of the rainbow in your hair. For some reason I always liked blue hair color. Best part is your parents couldn’t be mad cause it just washes out.

8. Modrobes!

These terribly simple pants came in every color and even fleece. They were a  baggy staple in youth and teen wardrobes in the 90s. I’m pretty sure whoever owned the brand is laughing their ass off, cause they have to be the most unflattering pants ever, and we all bought them.

7. Overalls!

It wasn’t quite the overalls in general that was the major trend, but how you wear them. It was the most badass statement in the 90s to have only one strap done up. I’m not sure why that translated to ‘thug life’ but it did.

6. Chokers!

I’m not sure why the stretchy plastic chokers were huge but they became a staple not only on TV shows like Sabrina: The Teenage Witch, but on everyday people too! I bet if you drop into Claire’s you could still find some for sale, not that you would want to …

5. Tommy Hilfiger!

Everyone had to have the red, white and blue that is Tommy Hilfiger. You were a pretty big deal if you walked into school wearing it in the seventh grade. Not that I did that or anything …

4. Belly Tops!

These lovely shirts are making a huge comeback in 2013. These used to be one of Gwen Stefani’s trademarks as well as us girls in the 90s. It was sexy, so who wouldn’t want to wear them? I’m actually beyond pumped that it’s cool to wear them again. Maybe now people will stop starring at me on the subway.

3. Plaid shirts!

Ok, yes people still wear them and they’re popular, but in the 90s they were REALLY popular. With grunge being the new craze, it was associated with plaid shirts or jackets. I got a plaid zip up jacket for my ninth birthday, and I was pumped! You know it was a trend when you’re a kid and you’re excited you got clothes for your birthday.

2. Platform shoes AKA Spice Girl Shoes!

Every, and I mean every single girl had at least one pair of spice girl shoes. The all-girl group always wore crazy high, colorful platform shoes. It didn’t matter what brand you wore, what color they were, but if they were high like the picture above, they were cool.

1. The Nick Carter haircut.

This has to be the most popular trend of the 90s. Every boy and even man, had this haircut. If you didn’t girls wouldn’t date you, it was that simple. Everyone loved Nick, perhaps the 90s equivalent to J Biebs, dare I say? Ok, maybe not quite as amazing as Bieber, but the hair was a hit.




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